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05 Nov

I believe the more engaged a woman is in the process of online dating, the better matches she will receive and her actual dates will be more enjoyable.Men truly do want to know they won’t be rejected and that their advances will be taken favorably. Most definitely women should send emails to men online.As an online dating expert and coach, one of the questions I get asked frequently from women is if they should initiate contact with men online or just let the men take the initiative.We know women truly believe men love the chase and that a woman should just put up a profile (with fabulous photos and a great bio!

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Dating sites and marriage agencies offer not only an opportunity of exciting communication and extending your outlook, but also a nice chance to find a decent partner, whether in your native country or abroad.There’s a rule in the second book where they advise women not to be the approach men online first, much like how we women shouldn’t approach men first in person.We should only be approached by them instead, as the ones that approach us most of the time are the ones that show us real interest.For this reason, I challenge women to write to at least five to 10 men every week and comment about something specific in their profile that caught their digital eyes.Make it easy for a man to know his advances won’t be rejected.