Egypt for dating 2016

14 Oct

By continuing to group together pottery types, grouping like with like and separating out dissimilar forms Petrie sorted 900 slips into an order. Petrie’s method is now known to archaeologists as a type of seriation, a complex statistical procedure for which we usually use computers! Mathematicians are also impressed and it was the first instance of mathematical modelling in archaeology.

Petrie’s Sequence Dating was a great achievement in what is known as relative dating.

Cats were domesticated by the first farmers some 10,000 years ago. — In a historic find, a large fragment of an Egyptian statue measuring 45 X 40 centimeters, made of lime-stone, was discovered in the course of the current season of excavations at Tel-Hazor, north of ...

— Egyptologists have discovered rock art from the 4th millennium BC during an excavation at a necropolis near Aswan in Egypt.

Many of these beautiful pots are on display in the Petrie Museum.

Excavators found huts, pottery and stone instruments, according to antiquities minister Mahmoud Afifi.Researchers using thermal cameras to scan the Egyptian pyramids have identified several intriguing anomalies, including one in the pyramid of Khufu, better known as the Great Pyramid of Giza. Egyptian authorities faced embarrassment after supporting the theory that a secret room existed in the tomb of King Tut.The city of Abydos, founded by predynastic rulers, is famed for its temples such as that of Seti I and its graves.Egypt is rich with ancient sites built by the pharaohs.