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06 Nov

You must be authentic like a “real man” is authentic, as in Pagan’s bonus DVD “The Real Man’s Guide to Money and Success.” Clearly you are not a “real” man unless you value—and have—lots of money and worldly success.To not be rich and powerful is to be emasculated, to be a woman.Editor’s note: We are tremendously honored to be able to get connected with Eben Pagan – prolific entrepreneur, author and speaker – who has impacted many people’s life, particularly in the Internet Marketing scene.Out of his busy schedule, he invested his time to participate in our Q&A on the topics of web-based business, mentoring and his popular Get Altitude training products, featuring the recently launched Wake Up Productive.Personal development superstar blogger Steve Pavlina just tweeted that he is now promoting Eben Pagan’s DVD set, “Man Transformation.” (Link goes to Pavlina’s sales page for a 20-DVD course costing 6.50.) Pavlina seems to have become interested in dating advice right around the time he announced that he and his wife decided to have an open marriage and explore polyamory.

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Well the abbreviated version is that I pretty much started from nothing.

I grew up poor in the woods in Oregon and I didn’t make more than 10 dollars an hour up until my mid 20s. I didn’t even know anyone who knew anyone who was successful.

Each model will take you through the basic and fundamental information of doing business in a different way.

It claims that the secrets to making lots of money will also be revealed at the end of the course.