Dustin clare camille keenan dating

22 Jan

Dustin also played Chris Flannery in the critically acclaimed second series of (2010).

Screening at such festivals as: Palm Springs Shortfest, Calgary International Film Festival, St.

His hot-tempered but sexy ranch hand Riley Ward was popular enough to get Clare a more prominent role on the steamy romantic drama "Satisfaction," set in a high-class brothel.

The day is full of awkward moments, tenderness, and uncertainty during this temporary bonding session.

Eve is heavily pregnant now, and Charlie is unsure of where the relationship is headed.

While on this series, he began dating his co-star Camille Keenan.

In 2011, Clare got his big international break when he starred in the American-made action miniseries "Spartacus: Gods of the Arena." His performance was popular enough that his character Gannicus became a recurring figure in the "Spartacus" series.