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With the start of the tenth season, the series has survived longer than the nine-year gap between Degrassi High's telemovie School's Out, and Degrassi’s premiere episode "Mother and Child Reunion".

Although only two school years have passed in the story timeline since season six, season ten is set in the first semester, and first half of the second semester, in which the years it aired.

A critical success, Degrassi has often received favourable reviews from Entertainment Weekly, The New York Times, and After

In its initial years, it was frequently the most watched domestic drama series in Canada, and one of the highest-rated shows on Teen Nick in the United States.

In 2004, for example, one episode received just under a million viewers in Canada, and over half a million viewers in the US.

The series has won numerous awards, from the Geminis, Writers Guild of Canada and Directors Guild of Canada, and internationally from the Teen Choice Awards, Young Artist Awards, and Prix Jeunesse.

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The series is filmed at Epitome's studios in Toronto, Ontario, rather than on the real De Grassi Street from which the franchise takes its name.Dallas, captain of the team, is staying with Drew and Adam.Meanwhile, Drew finally breaks up with Katie, saying that he cheated on her with a girl named Courtney.After a severe car accident, Eli loses all recollection of the past year of his life – which entirely encompasses the time in which he was dating Drew.Upon realizing that his boyfriend considers him a perfect stranger, Drew resolves to stop at nothing to make Eli remember him again.