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05 Oct

So how can you date after divorce — and safeguard your heart and home at the same time?in Chicago, a specialized healthcare facility dedicated to helping women and couples find fulfilling sex lives and enriched relationships.Beyond economic factors, adults really do almost require adult affection.How miserable would it be to go for years and years without the companionship of the opposite sex?If women are going to represent themselves as sex objects, then there will be no equality between males and females.

This can’t happen if we refuse to leave our houses on Friday nights!

In fact, in quite a few situations, it would seem that re-marrying would absolutely be beneficial for kids- especially those whose households are headed by a woman- who quite likely, and quite often is making less than a household headed by a single male, and almost always making less than a 2 parent household.

A two parent household almost always has a higher income, and thus economic station for the kids.

I can't imagine that a self-imposed and unwanted chastity would have a good affect on a parent's personality or demeanor.

I'm obviously not talking outlawing dating for people with kids, but I guess it's a 'moral' sort of statement, should people, or shouldn't they date if they have kids? A single parent is not obligated to be lonely until their children are grown. Of course, I say that as a remarried mother who obviously dated to get that way. I didn't see the other thread so have no clue of the context.