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07 Nov

To learn more about Amazon Sponsored Products, click here.This program is aimed at providing an in-depth education in female psychology and sexual attraction and the techniques for overcoming fear, approaching women, getting emails and phone numbers, setting up dates, and getting physical with women.I look at the world of self-improvement through a different lens—what is it you want?If things are good the way they are, how about leaving things alone, enjoying life and moving on?If you have any questions for him, Tweet them at @Best Life Online—or send us a message on Facebook—using the hashtag #Ask Strauss.Most of us are looking for ways to be more productive.The first lessons place the emphasis not on the women you want to attract, but on you.

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Then, once he has thoroughly covered the theoretical, he moves into the practical.

The dragging pace, visual monotony and cheap production values make a good part of this seem like inexpensive filler for too many discs - at least at first. On first viewing the talks and interviews with guests are FAR more engaging, with most of them offering some lightning-bolt transformational insights, each in their own style.

Again very raw and off-the-cuff, with some amusingly awkward and nervous moments - but the content is pretty good. The first 6 or so David-Only monologue discs do grow on you, though. Over repeat viewings some very thoughtful concepts emerge and I see that Dave wasn't just trying to fill up nine discs so he could charge me a lot of money LOL. David De Angelo's "Advanced Series" is an EXCELLENT resource for newbies to evict their inner wuss/AFC and is comprehensive enough to really get your alpha attitude developed.

The Fast Track is a column focused on leadership and healthy living by Strauss Zelnick, the co-founder of ZMC, a leading media-focused investment firm; and the chairman and CEO of Take-Two Interactive Software, one of the world’s largest video game companies.

Zelnick is also an avid participant in #The Program, a New York-based fitness group.