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08 Dec

Rich Oddie and Christina Sealey have created a diverse and distinctive body of work over the last 23 years and this album may be their most definitive statement yet.

Pitch Black Mirror foregrounds the duo's unique fusion of techno and industrial but also demonstrates their ability to continually push their sound in new and challenging directions by drawing on elements of electro, post-punk, and EBM.

Frontman Tim Showalter had a life-changing psychedelic experience that weekend so epic and affecting that it channelled itself into the song “On The Hill” on their just released album Hard Love. A Melbourne 5-piece formed in 2010, their brand of rock n roll comes with soulful delivery, pop sensibility and buzzsaw guitars - a fusion that defines many of the best punk bands.

They made their way to Tallarook for their debut Boogie outing in 2014 as and blew everyone away with their harrowing rock 'n' roll transcendence and Boogie blew there minds straight back. If you stand for this too, don’t miss them at Boogie.

No one should have to worry about who they want to be friends with and what they want to be. Music and the arts were a place where I could be myself, no matter what. But had I not moved to New York, maybe I wouldn’t have come out as quickly as I did. At one of party queen Susanne Bartsch’s many bashes, Bartsch blurted into a microphone: “I learned everything from a book called The Joy of Gay Sex. I was never interested in the straight version of that book. ” I heard not a peep of argument from anyone for miles.

I love my Hoosier friends and family [Zeke has a music degree from Indiana University], but let’s remember that Indiana is where the KKK was founded. We met at a bar—he was very, very mean to me, and I’d like to emphasize that he was very, very mean to me. The joy of gay singing filled the room when Joey Arias, Raven O, and Sherry Vine performed in the annual reunion of talent from the esoteric ‘90s cabaret Bar d’O, which always managed to be raunchy and elevated at the same time.

Well, the out, proud Zeke Thomas —son of NBA Hall of Famer Isiah Thomas—happens to be the official DJ for the annual NBA All-Star game, which will be held in New Orleans in February. I was just nervous about, “Are my friends gonna accept me?

That’s music to a lot of sports fans’ ears—and it’s hardly Zeke’s only high profile credit either. When Jason Collins came out, my father said to me, “This isn’t something uncommon.” He played with gay players. ” because I was a jock kid, so to speak, with an athlete father.

Let’s hold hands and gather our thoughts and shake it loose together again this Easter in Tallarook. Like a seemingly Dead Roo through the windscreen on a dark country road, Psychos continue to bounce back as grotty and unapologetic as ever.Her statement style is by Pink Boutique and can get yours by clicking the link (right). Look no further than the eye-catching beachwear we've lined up for you below.You're sure to stand out amongst the rest of the sunbathers in this Vix version!With its sonic and lyrical imagery of watery depths, lost love, and transmutations, Pitch Black Mirror offers a sonic landscape that is clearly inspired by personal and social turmoil but points towards the possibility of creative of the longest active running vinyl labels in techno music.It has released music from some of the most legendary names in techno.