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01 Oct

Setting this feature up is similar to the deactivation based on date and time.

To do so, select "after number of submissions" and insert a value.

I need to let the user choose a day from a datepicker in a date field, but disabling a list of specific days from the calendar picker, so the user can't select a not available day. If it is needed it can be exported too as json, xml, plain text or any other format, to serve as entry in the calendar picker.) (After the user choose an available Day, I will have to do the same to let him select an available Time from a time picker.

My Disabled days are in a field in several nodes, and I can get the list of disabled days easily from a View listing this date field.

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By using Natural Language Recognition, Wunderlist can automatically detect and add Due Dates and Reminders while you type a new To-do: If you prefer to not have a Due Date or Reminder automatically created for you, or if you prefer that the Due Date text remain in the To-do's title, just head to your General Account Settings.

This will be an appointment for a Photography Session.) Just to be curious and probably helping others to answer - how many days do you want to exclude?

Excluding a lot of days would introduce some ajax requests to the backend to at least cycle between months. In all cases you can validate the submitted day on form submit and display an error message.

Smart Due Dates are supported in your mobile app when you add a new To-do via the Quick Add button. Tried to search post but cannot get any solution yet.I am trying to implement the j Query datepicker to disable specific date with the below code.Just tap the blue circle and include a date or time in your To-do's title.Quick Add will instantly recognize and create a Due Date and Reminder.