Discreet lesbian dating

24 Oct

If you enjoy lesbian drama and romance, you will love Episode 6 of the Mandy series.

This episode is set in the mid-1970s when gays and lesbians were still being routinely persecuted in the U. Mandy, declared unfit to raise her adopted young son by a crooked, good-old-boy Kentucky court, takes her boy and runs.

The word "cougar" on this site is explained as such : Lesbian Cougar, as we refer to them here, are women who are poised, experienced, independent, sensual and practical (read "no drama").

I work in a global team researching and developing new medicines in Oncology, Inflammatory and Cardiovascular indications.With the help of the unofficial lesbian underground, Mandy, fearing her cruel and dangerous ex-husband and the authorities crisscrosses the country until the FBI finally catches her more than three years later.Their son, torn from his mother’s arms, is immediately given to her now politically powerful ex-husband.I am not actively lookin for a partner but i am open to having a friend to share some intimate times.I would be kind and respectful and expect the same.