Did trey songz dating brandon hines

12 Sep

However, he hasn’t released an album since 2015’s ‘Royalty.’ That all looks set to change though, because the R&B singer has officially confirmed the arrival date of follow-up ‘Heartbreak On A Full Moon.’ Details below…By Staff Will Smith and Trey Songz are allegedly gay lovers.A spokesman for the LAPD confirmed Hayes shot Moseley, then himself, and police recovered the weapon in question.TMZ reports an enraged Hayes allegedly accused Moseley, a dancer and actress on VH1's “Hit the Floor,” of infidelity with singer Trey Songz and called his close friend, Mayweather, to back up his claims.And just like something out of a cheesy romantic movie, he showed her the ins and outs..the game. That shouldn't stop you and your pursuit of love & happiness.And the two seemed pretty darn happy with each other: Trey then posted this pic on Instagram of his girl in the back of a car, with legs that are likely his propped on her lap, and said " She's cute. "Please don't go there and open this can of worms." Why? Obviously other people see what I see otherwise it wouldn't even be up for discussion. Right now it seems like the push is for bm to go outside their race.... Everyone does it, but it is not PUSHED the way you see the black men going outside their race.

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But before he took the stage last night with Big Sean, he was spotted cupcakin' courtside at the Cavs game with a new boo. *UPDATE*: The mystery girl is actually a contest winner named Batoul. , but she's causing a Twitter uproar: The twosome hit up the sidelines of the Cleveland Cavaliers game.And if some grown women go crazy, they need to grow up and get some sense. SMH his real boo Kevin Liles must have told him to do it. The media would definitely have you think that black men do not date black women anymore.... SHE'S JUST A DECOY TRUST ME IT'S NOTHING HE IS SO GAY WHAT'S WRONG WITH PEOPLE EYES YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK HARD TO SEE THIS, I LIKE THE GAME INTERVIEW HE WAS NOT AGANIST GAYS.Take notes ladies..woman he's boo'd up with ain't a video ho... They're the new Eddie Murphy & Johnnie Gill gotta throw them off the scent. Trey used to have a DEEP relationship with this dude name Brandon Hines they were a couple when Trey had Braids. HE JUST AGANIST THOSE WHO REFUSED TO COME OUT AND ADMIT IT. Check out Tys Rack for all of your fashion needs at up to 80% off regular retail! ________________________________________________________________________________________________ IF YOU GOT PROBLEMS WITH THAT CRE DIT REPORT ISHH, GET IT CLEAN y'all. THAT SHOULD BE ME IN THAT SHOOT WITH THAT FINE ASS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanna look like you favorite celebs at more than half off the costs?? _______________________________________________________________________________________ It Happened..... I got rid of all my ISHHH from my cre dit report y'all - I was in deep for 5 years. Just approved for that 25k loan to buy a new CAMAARO!!! these bbws become more and more attractive they are cute and hot. …It takes only a few minutes to submit a profile, however, it will bring a lot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!