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16 Jan

Mary Lambert — widely known for her 2012 duet “Same Love” with Macklemore — tours with her honest and heartfelt collection of songs touching on everything from sexuality to disorder.

as the official clip for their duet, "No Air," right?

- Mommytard singing Bad Romance, talking about when Shay used to go rollerskating, back in Idaho as they reach Idaho Imma be plays.

Shay in the basement looking at his mancave set up, watching Rawn do a Malachi song.

Pelham resident Corey Vidal, who has made a name for himself on the popular website, will be hosting the main event during the gathering, which includes feature interviews with the biggest You Tube stars, musical performances, skits, comedy routines, contests and merchandise giveaways, and a big question-and-answer finale where the crowd gets to ask their favourite stars questions.

Vidal has been a success over the last two years starting with his “How to Dance” instructional videos and eventually creating an online TV show with different segments featured each day.