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29 Sep

Audrey: sex on two legs, an ass that won't quit, queen baker of delicious muffins—and the one woman I feel real hatred for. I can't get it back, but I can do something better... how she smells, how she sounds when her breath catches in her throat. But winning this game could cost me more than I ever realized. This book was my 2nd less favorite after Single Dad Boss He was a jerk and she wasn't strong 😢Sorry, but she came across as a cat in heat. That is why he will remain a must read author for me. Until I remember how her hair feels between my fingers... Luke Steel is one of my favorite smut-authors and I admire how he writes his female characters... This book was my 2nd less favorite after Single Dad Boss He was a jerk and she wasn't strong 😢Sorry, but she came across as a cat in heat. The Hot List was everything I've come to expect from a Luke Steel book - hot, sexy, slightly angsty (and utterly realistic), and mature on a level you don't often find with these sorts of novellas.Add to that, a taste of traditional nomadic culture with a bit of a Soviet hangover, and you have the makings of a unique yet approachable destination.This makes Kyrgyzstan a great fit for trekkers and outdoor types, as well as those interested in culture and off-beat experiences. Our editors have selected ten of the hottest restaurants — the ones everybody’s talking about — and brought them all together in one spot.These are not the special occasion stalwarts people know and love; they’re the scruffy newcomers, trying to make a name for themselves.The menu features traditional Mediterranean dishes (try the chef’s mezze) with ever-shifting local ingredients, sure to keep regulars coming back to see what chef-owner Constantine Kalandranis will whip up next. The menu continues to feature favorites like cornmeal-crusted fried oysters, jerk-rubbed duck breast and its renowned fried chicken.What to try: The menu changes often, but the chef’s selection of daily mezze is a good dish for sharing. What to try: The restaurant is renowned for its fried chicken.

Follow along on Facebook for weekly location updates. Smokin’ Gringos After a brief vacation, Mobile’s beloved taco truck will be back on the streets on July 23 serving up tacos, quesadillas, nachos, taco salad and their ridiculously delicious white queso.

And we’ll change the Small Bites Hot List along with them.

As new places open — Fortina in Armonk and David Di Bari in Dobbs Ferry, we’re looking at you. The magnificent copper bar and tin ceilings of the former Lushane’s are still there, but the restaurant has received a modern facelift inside and out. A new, bigger location at the former Mo’s New York Grill has bar seating for casual dining (including a new bar menu and a stunning communal table), a stylish main dining room with 65 seats and a separate dining room for private parties.

Much time is spent outside the proverbial comfort zone in attempts to immerse yourself in a new culture, comprehend challenging socio-economic circumstances and process the stimuli swirling about you. I'd like a place that will make me think, feel and question some of my assumptions about the world and myself.

Someplace not very well touristed, with a bit adventure and the unknown. Why: To experience a country that is over 90% mountainous and littered with stunning landscapes.