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23 Dec

Indeed, many assumed the former model would never marry and wondered at her lack of long-term love.But, this week, Diaz — 5 ft 9 in of utter perfection — finally did wed, albeit to a rather unlikely contender.Speculation that Loretta’s revealing modelling career – with 20 Page Three appearances to her name – has not met with Lord Rothschild’s approval is unfounded, with sources insisting Loretta’s past does not bother her prospective in-laws. In one recent missive, he urged followers to support the legalisation of drugs, writing: ‘Overwhelming evidence that 1971 Misuse Of Drugs Act needs reform #legalize.’ Diana would often give me a lift and we could not stop laughing because she would make lots of rude jokes. When we stopped at lights, she would let people recognise her and they’d say, “That’s Diana! But this happy ending has been rather a long time coming.For despite being one of the world’s most beautiful women, Cameron, 42, has suffered more than two decades of heartache at the hands of a string of commitment-shy celebrity heart-throbs.We met with him at the Natural History Museum, London.The handsome, young and very charismatic de Rothschild was quickly at ease among the exhibits in one of Britain’s finest museums. I think the old British explorers were of a generation that was very much about conquering nature, about being the first. It was always very ego-driven, and for some that is still the case.

The pairing and speedy wedding have proved all the more surprising, given that the U. actress previously said she felt no desire to marry and couldn’t relate to monogamy.Over a lingering lunch with a friend in the City of London some years ago, Baron David de Rothschild, the French head of the global Rothschild banking dynasty, was asked if he saw his thrusting young British cousin, Nat Rothschild, as his possible successor.The baron, a stylish figure of the old school, thought for a moment as he sipped a good vintage from the family vineyard, then replied intriguingly: ‘Well, he’s the person of this [Rothschild] generation who seems to be most comfortable in the world of high finance.’His high-flying reputation has taken a humiliating nosedive as major City players who banked on his golden-boy reputation and his illustrious family name have turned against him.Rebellious from the start, de Rothschild learned early on that pursuing knowledge through traditional methods didn’t work for him.Instead, this scion of one of world’s wealthiest and most admired families blazed his own trail with dangerous but purposeful adventures into remote corners of the globe in an effort to raise awareness of environmental causes among students.