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26 Sep

Dating your best friend, comes with its own share of positive and negative points. You can straightaway talk about your bathroom manners, including who will put the toilet seat down! With the woman of your dreams in your arms, you have the world at your feet! How keenly you were listening to her when she confessed that she wears almost nothing to bed! When you were not dating your best friend, this notion never even crossed your mind.Whatever the case you don’t need blackout blinds, it’s not as bad as you think. Before I go any farther, check out the pros and cons. She is the same woman whom you liked and befriended. And now for the biggest surprise – she has made notes too, on what you like enjoy the most during mating! You already feel comfortable with each other in bed! But now, the thought of your lady with another guy in the same room is eating you up.Alright fella’s nowadays, you boys aren’t the only ones who enjoy playing the field.Ah no, us ladies too, have discovered your secrets into the lifestyle of being a player and we’re playing the field like the pro’s.

I get it, I’ve done it and thankfully, I’ve now burnt the T-shirt!

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For all of you unaware as to what I’m talking about, the rotator is when you’re seeing more than one person at a time and it typically involves quite a few.

My highest was seven and that’s without even trying!