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03 Dec

But, we are technically not exclusive (meaning, we talked prior to sleeping together and said that we were both able to date others, if we wanted).However, we talked more recently and we both said that we aren’t dating anyone else, but we didn’t explicitly say that we are exclusive.

Should I have the “defining the relationship” conversation with him or should I wait and allow things to evolve more?

If it comes up naturally, you can talk about what you’re looking for in a relationship. Women tend to think of exclusivity early on, especially when sex comes into the picture — feelings of vulnerability and health concerns arise.

If you feel the urge to share more personal things with your date, it may be time to talk exclusivity.

Instead, you're able to perfect your selection of emoji when texting with your new man, who might suck at using emoji but is trying really hard just to humor you.4.

Just even thinking about opening Tinder exhausts you way more than usual.