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31 Jan

I've been accused of losing touch with my relationship and that I'm not romantic enough. Read more to find out some tips on the romantic things you can do to show that you are still into your relationship.

She broke up with me and told me that I should have seen it coming form a mile away.

The woman I'm in a relationship with keeps saying that I'm not a romantic and I that I don't do nice things for her.

Truth is that I would do them if I knew what to do. A quick list of sweet and romantic things you can do for your girlfriend.

Glickman is the widow of real estate developer-turned-philanthropist Al Glickman, who sat on the board of the Michael J. (Al, like the comedic actor, suffered from Parkinson’s disease).

You can pick up new flirting and seduction techniques or relearn the ways of dating !Annabelle Dexter-Jones — the actress daughter of Foreigner rocker Mick Jones, and half-sister of musician Mark Ronson — is dating hot contemporary artist Dan Colen, sources say.“Every woman in New York wanted to date him because he’s also a farmer,” huffed a jealous insider.Glickman splits her time between Maine and Los Angeles, while Lauder lives primarily in New York.Other guests at the Drug Discovery Foundation dinner included Norah O’Donnell, Erin Wasson, Martha Hunt, Elizabeth Gilpin and Paula Zahn.