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28 Sep

Petersburg July 17, 2013 Cathedral Square of the Peter and Paul Fortress «Il trovatore» by Giuseppe Verdi In 2013 the 200th anniversary celebrations of the Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi’s birth took place; staging of «Il trovatore» was dedicated to this date.Victor Korotich, Vyacheslav Lukhanin, Vladislav Lesik, Elena Knapp, Alexandra Popandopulo, St. Petersburg Chamber Choir July 20, 2013 Yelagin Island «Eugene Onegin» by Peter Tchaikovsky Peter Migunov, Vladimir Tselebrovsky, Olga Georgieva, Anastasia Meshchanova, Anastasia Vinogradova-Zabolotskaya, Lyudmila Shkirtil, Orchestra and Choir of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of the St. Vladimirescu 1/1, 94 Chisinau, Moldovae-mail: [email protected]: AR18923-RIPEabuse-mailbox: [email protected]: CLOUDATAMD-MNTmnt-by: CLOUDATAMD-MNTmnt-ref: RIM2000-MNTchanged: [email protected]: RIPEperson: Victor Letkovskiaddress: T. Mango Host Networkorigin: AS200019mnt-by: RIM2000-MNTchanged: [email protected]: RIPE Mango Host claims to be in Moldova, but almost everything to do with them is in Russian, indicating perhaps that whoever runs this is part of the large Russian ethnic minority in Moldova.Everyday, plenty of new spam referring websites pollute our Google Analytics reports. – we changed the segment name to include the number of sources.This way, you can be sure to have the last version.

Vladimirescu str 1/1 2024 Chisinauphone: 373 79 342393nic-hdl: VL6476-RIPEmnt-by: BSB-SERVICE-MNTchanged: [email protected]: RIPE% Information related to ''route: S. Until the past few days, Mango Host was hosting the ransomware sites listed here [pastebin].Was in the play Two in the elevator, not counting tequila! The actors' play was impeccable, real, sincere, Denis Matrosov and Dmitry Orlov, played their roles in a harmonious way. “ g was at the play Two in the elevator, not counting tequila. Let the performance have a long life, an inexhaustible stream of spectators and endless ovations. This is an incomparable and masterpiece play of actors . So please, send us all the spam referrers that are not already in our database to contribute to our cause.Of course, feel free to download the most up to date Google Analytics Segment through the main menu of this page, even if you did not contribute.“ – we added a filter to block the new language spam method.