Dating tiscali

23 Aug

BT applied to strike out the defamation claim, on the basis that it would be perverse for a jury to find that the words bore the pleaded defamatory meaning, or any meaning defamatory of T.

Striking out the defamation claim; it would be perverse for a jury to find the words bore the meaning that T had been dishonest or in breach of any duty to its customers, even with knowledge of the background circumstances referred to in the alternative innuendo meaning.

T sued, alleging that the letter and page on the website were libellous.

It relied, not only on the natural and ordinary meaning of the words, but also on an innuendo that T had been guilty of a lack of honesty and candour towards its customers by failing to warn them that the continuity and/or reliability of their broadband service was potentially in jeopardy if T was sold.

The data was accessed through an attack on three vulnerable webpages within the inherited infrastructure.

Carphone Warehouse is set to become the largest provider of residential broadband in the UK after it bought over the UK arm of communications firm Tiscali.

The company, which provides broadband under the Talk Talk brand and also owns AOL UK, secured the crumbling Sardinia-based Tiscali in a £236m deal.

Telecoms company Talk Talk has been issued with a record £400,000 fine by the ICO for security failings that allowed a cyber attacker to access customer data “with ease”.

The ICO’s in-depth investigation found that an attack on the company last October could have been prevented if Talk Talk had taken basic steps to protect customers’ information.