Dating tests for teenagers

31 Oct

Everyone is desperate to spend as much time with their BFs as possible before school ends and they stop seeing each other five days a week.

But for some couples, a little distance will probably be a good thing.

Vanessa Grubbs gave her now-husband, Robert Phillips, a kidney after dating him for just nine months.

Grubbs became a kidney specialist as a result of the experience.

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The doctor may also want to do a blood test to make sure that alcohol or drug abuse isn’t causing the symptoms.

She's also an advocate for African-American kidney patients. Vanessa Grubbs lay in a hospital bed, her stomach doing somersaults, even as a smile played at the corners of her mouth.

: In a healthy relationship, it is important for both partners to respect each other’s space and their relationships with others.

Discouraging or preventing a partner from seeing family or friends is controlling and unfair.

It’s especially hard to diagnose in teenagers because many of the first signs of schizophrenia in young people, such as bad grades, sleeping too much, or withdrawal from friends, can at first seem like typical problems. If you think someone you know may have schizophrenia, reach out to your doctor or psychiatrist.

Tell them what you have noticed and ask them what steps you should take, especially if the person isn’t interested in getting help.