Dating suck

30 Dec

When you compliment,do nice things, etc, for a woman you're not in arelationship with, all you're REALLY doing is trying to buy heraffection.

Women might tell you all day long that all they want is a "niceguy", but they can't manage to do anything but date a bunch of jerks... I think you'reintelligent enough to put the pieces together. You're trying to show her you're a nice, sweet,caring guy, because that's what women want... That's right, they COMPLIMENT her, BUY her things, and do NICE things. Let me tell you something I learned that totally changed the way I looked at women and dating.

I turned to her, smiled, and told her to have a nice day.

Once I got in my truck, I realized what had just happened.

While I was paying, she stood by the door, waiting for me.I work full-time first shift, go to school part-time at nights, and I write in the moments between.I don’t have a lot of time to put into meeting women. Same thing goes when you see a very old, obese woman with a mustache riding a power wheel chair. What women look for in men is a desirable character. As long as we're clean, have good hygiene, and dress decently.