Dating someone whos in the closet andreas agiorgitis dating

21 Aug

Thinking back, the evidence that Jake* was an alcoholic was right in front of me. The telltale signs, like routinely passing out at 7 p.m.

and slurring words on a daily basis, are easily disguised, especially when someone denies their significance.

f you’re like most out and proud gay men—running to make that dinner date, working out in that downtown gym—the closet is where you hang your favorite Paul Smith shirt, not where you find a date.

But what if chemistry and dumb luck conspire, and you find yourself dating someone still coming to terms with being gay? Here are some tips that will guide you through this tricky situation...

Understand that this situation isn’t likely to follow the same unspoken signals and rules you live by.

There are going to be huge differences in how you both perceive things.

It isn’t uncommon for students to come out once they have moved away from home.

“In a normal dating situation, you might not pursue someone who pulled back from your attempt at a kiss,” Cason says.

“But for someone still struggling with their sexuality, that’s a very big step.

If the mood suddenly changes; if he becomes disengaged and moody when it’s time to say good-night, don’t take it the wrong way. “Things are going to progress in sudden stops and starts,” says Kort.

“That requires patience.” Don’t think a week or two is long enough for someone in the closet to “get on with it already.” Give the object of your affection more time, advises Gregory Cason, a California psychologist specializing in gay issues.