Dating someone who has cheated before

03 Jan

Changing Your Perspective Talking to the Person Moving Forward Community Q&A It can be very challenging to forgive someone who has hurt you.However, being able to truly forgive a person for hurting you can help you to feel better and maybe even mend your relationship. We have all been excited about this new person we were seeing only to find out they weren’t as great as they appeared to be!

She says she knew the guy before me and was in love with him, but couldn't get into a relationship with him because they were both the same age. An amazing person, and I'm willing to stay in the relationship because of what I've gotten from here. Thank you so much." around people and make me out to be the cruel one that just refuses to be fair.

When a friend feels lost, being her guiding star can feel like the best course of action. Saying something like, "I know you need a chance to sort out what's right for you," which shows your concern as well as your trust that she can decide for herself what to do going forward.

You're not in her shoes and don't know how you'd behave in her circumstances, though. "Neither comment recognizes that she needs time to feel her feelings and work through them," says Dr. Again, the reasons for affairs aren't so black and white.

Perhaps you feel your friend should never again trust the person who was unfaithful to her.

"But this type of all-encompassing comment leaves no room for the possibility of the situation getting better," says Dr. "You're squashing all hope, when, in fact, some relationships do heal and improve with work." Instead, focus on her present state of mind and acknowledge the intense pain she's experiencing by saying something like, "I can't even imagine how you must feel."The reasons people cheat vary, ranging from immaturity to compulsive sexual behavior.