Dating site for single parents of handicapped children dating and serious relationship

22 Aug

My daughter is 19 years of age, a top student in the university, has a good part time job and a great paid internship.But she is very quiet in real life and has very few friends or other social connections.We know she is an active online video game player and met a 27 years old man from another country who is poor, has no real qualifications or a normal job.She has funded him for a trip to see and stay with her already, and now she is going to spend three weeks in his place. We worry about my daughter’s safety, She will be spending 33 hours of air travel and staying in a country that uses a totally different language, and there is no consulate to help her if anything goes wrong. But I have several questions: How do you know this man has “mental health problems” and what is the nature of those issues?There were things said all along about me by my family that discredited me long before I ever exposed any of the truth about what had been going on in my childhood.From a very young age I was defined as a story teller and an exaggerator.

(note: sometimes “not fitting in” is simply the feeling of not being as “good” or as valuable as other siblings or other family members.) I am not sure if I am now or ever was regarded as the black sheep in my family, but I certainly didn’t feel like I fit in there even before I stood up and publically rebelled against the total family dysfunction I grew up with.

It’s inevitable that parents will feel differently about children who have different personalities with differing needs, dispositions. Picture the age-old conflict of the young child whining. It’s simply not possible, and it can be dehumanizing If a mother feels that when she hugs one child.

she must stop and hug all of her children, hugs soon become somewhat meaningless in that family.

As silly as it sounds, her dad and I are worried she may never meet another amazing guy again, who treated her so well, so respectful and adored her.

We fear she made a choice that she may regret and it will be too late to do anything about it.