Dating senior year of high school

03 Jan

The first problem I need advise on is that she's been not wanting to hang out with me lately and I feel that I'm not a priority to her like she is to me and everytime I tell her this she doesn't understand why I have a problme with this when she's being honest.She feels that seeing each other once a week and texting or talking to each on the phone is pointless since we see each other every day.

Think about it: You either “win” or you strike out.I mean, if you’re not stressing out, there must be something wrong, because this is the year that you’ll likely be applying to colleges, which means you’re going to have to tighten up your GPA, beg your teachers for letters of recommendation, and, I don’t know, cry a little bit.But on top of that, this is the end of your high school career, and whether you’ve enjoyed high school or not, you probably have a lot of things you want to do before you kiss these days goodbye. Struggles include meeting someone in the first place, getting out of the friend zone and going through the ever-confusing “talking” stage.The stress associated with starting a new relationship is often what keeps people single.