Dating scam russia natalya

19 Dec

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I want to attend movies together and enjoy concerts and festivals. If you could only imagine how I miss you and dream to see you!!!

But if your feelings are at least half strong as mine I am sure that we will overcome all the difficulties, I am sure! What was your last dream you have seen in the night? Besides that while answering unusual questions one thinks a lot and sometimes even founds out something new in himself:) I do hope that you enjoy communicating with me and look forward to receiving more beautiful and interesting letters from you and some pictures. As you know, she used services of Internet and translator.

I hate the distance that separates me from you, all the boundaries that make our meeting to be a sort of difficult thing. Perhaps my questions are a bit unusual but I do not like doing usual things at all as it makes our life colorless. Letter 3 FUTURES we help people to overcome all barriers Dear Mr. Unfortunately, Tanya can’t reply to your letter because her account with our firm is over.

If you’re interested in the girl, we can send you information about our service and payment.

She is very upset of this fact of impossibility to correspond with you but she is very interested in you as well.