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10 Jan

In Azure loadbalanced websites there is no way to tell what the server addresses are, so I guess the accelorator did some voodoo to update file and memory cache of the umbraco xml. I've spent the day reading the forum and web for a solution, I've watched Darren Ferguson talk about the three flavours of Azure. Normal distributed server settings requires server addresses in umbraco Settings.config.

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Compagno (1984) considers the species "to be extremely vulnerable to overfishing, perhaps more so than most sharks, …

ascribed to its slow growth rate, lengthy maturation time, long gestation period, probably low fecundity and probable small size of existing populations (belied by the immense size of individuals in their small schools)".

To help you get up to speed quickly using CVS, this chapter explains the most common CVS operations.

The commands and examples in this chapter are based on standard situations and cover only the most common options.