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05 Sep

This Dayton drum is in remarkable condition and has the factory original snare frame for nylon snares, which are also included. His input, along with that of Buddy Rich, and Joe Thompson and Ben Strauss of Rogers,helped create Rogers? The drum shown here was given to Ellis by me, and he played it until he passed on in 2001.

I was fortunate enough to obtain this drum from a good friend of mine at the 2005 Chicago Vintage Show. Ellis signed the inside of the shell of this drum, and it is complete with documentation between Ellis and myself, as well as Ellis? This drum has not been drilled for an internal muffler.

Drum lugs available for snare drums, tom tom drums and bass drums.

Choose from a variety of styles including solid brass vintage style tube lugs, and die cast lugs in many forms such as Yamaha style teardrop and tail light, replica Slingerland Beaver Tail and modern Sound King that fit existing holes in many Slingerland drums, Pearl style bow tie and sugar cubes, among others.

View snare drum pictures of our high quality vintage Ludwig snare drums, vintage Slingerland snare drums, vintage Rogers snare drums, vintage Gretsch snare drums, vintage Leedy snare drums and more!10x13 Powertone, Fullerton #040722; 16x16 Rogers Drums B19118, #605322, 7/72; 14x22 Powertone, Fullertone #29566 Any ideas on ages of the drums? I had a relationship with Rogers drums from 1979 to 2006. It looks like you have a 20 kick with bowties,1968 or so,the dayton era is when they changed to the later t rods like on your 22"some of the early dayton drums have a flat grey int,later daytons have grey speckled int,along with later swivo drums.. It has a working high hat and pedal, all top of the line Rogers at the time. how did i KNOW this would be the first post in the thread incredible I have a five piece Rogers Holiday kit labeled "Dayton" however it has solid gray paint rather that speckled. I am starting to try to price this set and am looking for help.For example, a Londoner had a bass, 2 ride toms, and a floor tom.All of those were Holiday drums (until 1970 when the model name was changed to Powertone to match the snares and sound more modern).