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27 Dec

During the reception traditional items would be served including sweetmeats called bridal sugar and spiced wine which was known as bride's tears.Instead of tossing her bouquet, the bride would give out her crown, and whoever got it was the next to be married.The bridal shower tradition actually originated in Holland where if a Dutch bride's father disapproves of her choice of a husband he would not offer her a dowry.When this occurs, the bride's friends would "shower" her with gifts of household items typically included in her dowry.

During the ceremony, the bride and groom walk on a bed of flowers to the altar and flowers are tossed at them as they depart.

Of course, ultimately, the order of this stuff doesn’t really matter.

But I dare say I was certainly shocked to see loads of these very rational, down-to-earth female Dutch friends soooo overwhelmingly excited about their romantic proposals and upcoming nuptials.

According to Love Habibi, 19th Century Austrian women used to place slices of apple under their armpits at social gatherings where potential partners may be present.

If they spotted someone who took their fancy, they would remove the apple and present it to the object of their affections.