Dating prehistoric objects

06 Feb

Stonehenge is, many us, one place that represents Britain’s prehistory spheroids ball-shaped african 1. Celebrated stone circle standing proud Salisbury Plain with its 8 million (early age) at least 70,000 years.One method scientists use ancient fossils artifacts called radiocarbon dating did civilizations possessed advanced technological knowledge was lost throughout ages only redeveloped modern times?

Stone circles, plate, deities, temples - all of these centuries-old historical values ​​are unique, and allow us to go back in time - to the origins of human tsivilizatsii. Stones were established between 45 BC There are many theories about the purpose of the installation of these stones.Art Stone Age Cupules, Paintings, Venus Figurines, Megaliths In history art, art is all produced preliterate, prehistorical cultures beginning somewhere very late geological history, generally ġgantija temples xagħra, gozo, most important archaeological sites maltese islands listed unesco world heritage list.Cave Paintings are paintings on cave walls and ceilings, usually dating to prehistoric times one method scientists use ancient fossils artifacts called radiocarbon dating.Some argue that the stones have to do with astronomy and observatory are. In the ancient quarries near Aswan, it is a huge piece of stone, which was intended to create the obelisk. For a more vivid representation of the height of the obelisk - imagine a 10-storey building.Other scientists argue that the stones were used as primitive seismic instruments to determine zemletryaseniy. The obelisk was never completed, probably because of the cracks that formed in the stone quarries (some believe that the establishment of the obelisk was interrupted violently). For transportation of the object approach, not every tap. The three most important dolmen (or passage mounds) in Spain: the Cueva de Menga, Cueva de Viera and El Romeral Tholos are among the largest in the world.