Dating peter jarvis

26 Dec

Last week we asked our audience, “Is it OK to have a racial preference in dating?

” We received so many thoughtful — and feisty — answers.

Well, can it really be cheating if both know about it and are okay with it? A squeaky clean kid.""Who's dating a homicidal maniac," Coulson muttered."He has improved in recent years.""That we can prove," grumbled Coulson. Looking confused, Peter replied, "But, I'm a bio-chem major.""Horrors! "My boyfriend can't stand them.""Like I said, there's hope for you. " Darcy stated, linking her arm with Peter's before dragging him off."Umm... " Peter pointed out."JARVIS, if anyone asks, we're going out for coffee! " the AI replied from a nearby speaker."You're the best, J! " Spiderman said in a singsong voice as he disappeared over the roof of a nearby building. "Damn, that ass." Giving himself a shake, he went back to destroying robots. Just not here," Deadpool replied."Wade, I thought you were dating Mister Parker," Captain America stated as he came near."I am." Deadpool said with an empathic nod."Then, what is this?

OR Deadpool seems to be cheating on Peter Parker with Spiderman, and vice versa. A small trust fund set up for him from his uncle, deceased, pays for his studio apartment. "However, the shirt at least says you have good taste in music.""It is my favorite punk band," Peter replied with a grin. And, as no breaks have been made yet, and it's almost lunch time, may I suggest you combine them and take a long lunch?

(This is also crossed with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.) SLASHI don't even... I'm getting my Deadpool 'voice' from memory, his video game (I need to go finish that), and fanfic. This just wouldn't let me go.o Oo"And, then, your obviously unnatural waffle topping turns you into Radioactive Loganberry Man from Calliope Six! Blargh."Staring at Deadpool's companion, Coulson ignored Wade's attempt to be sociable. "That will be all.""Sir."After the agent had left, Coulson mentally steeled himself and reached for his phone. I need you to hire someone so we can subtly keep an eye on him."o Oo Time passes, as it usually did. " Darcy grinned as the elevator doors closed.o Oo A week later, yet another super-villian was trying to take over the world, starting with New York City, using his army of robots."If you're happy and you know it! " Deadpool yelled/sang as he destroyed robots left and right."Do you ever shut up!? Soon, there was nothing but scrap metal littering the ground, and the captured bad guy was driven away to a SHIELD prison facility.

It could be race and religion and regional identity. Having a racial preference becomes a problem when you won’t even consider dating someone because of their race. I am a 24-year-old first-generation Nigerian American.

Here is a collection of perspectives, with some editing and condensing.

Check back tomorrow for the next Just the way you may have a preference for long-legged women, hairy-chested men or tall men or large-breasted women, these are nothing more than personal preferences and have nothing to do with anything negative.

" Coulson asked, giving his subordinate a glare out of the side of his eye."I don't think I'll give it. Spiderman snorted and smacked his boyfriend's shoulder as he stood under his own power. " was Spiderman's parting comment as he disappeared into New York's skyline.o Oo I was so glad to get Coulson and Peter's convo at the beginning over...

" Deadpool said, waving to his boyfriend as he swung away."Keep trying!