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24 Sep

N-P-K fertilisation did not affect late-spring sod anchorage to loamy sand soil, measured 18 days after sodding, but did enhance shoot density and colour.

Sod root penetration into a silt loam soil was unaffected by an initially dry surface layer when sufficient irrigation was used.

These techniques can usefully be combined with surveys and documentary studies of associated cellars, caves and other subterranean structures, which at Nottingham in particular have the potential for developing further our understanding of urban morphology and functions[10].

A review of urban and suburban standing buildings with the potential to contain medieval structural elements, and of associated subterranean structures, is recommended in order to enhance current Urban Archaeological Databases[11] and Historic Environment Records[12].

Better understanding is needed of the development of urban centres and the nature and variations of industrial and economic activity.

Completion of Urban Archaeological Databases for major centres, comparable to those developed for Lincoln, Leicester and Nottingham, is an urgent requirement in order to provide a foundation for further research and to assist in understanding the existing evidence[6].

Vertical force required to detach recently transplanted sod from underlying soil was the measure of root anchoring strength.

In early spring, date of sod harvest and transplantation was important to root growth and anchorage measured 30 days after transplantation.

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