Dating onlie cyprus

10 Sep

I declare that, on acceptance as a student of Neapolis University Pafos, I consent to the processing by the University of my Personal Data in accordance with the provisions of Processing of Personal Data (Protection of Individuals) Law 2001.

I acknowledge that my personal data shall be maintained and treated with confindentiality by authorised University staff and will not be disclosed to third parties without my prior consent.

The Unit investigates cases that are submitted by Police Units and Government Services to the Commander of Department C.

- If you receive a message from your bank saying that for some reason they want to supposedly check your bank account number or the number of your credit card or pin numbers, do not believe it.- If you receive a message or letter saying that you have won the lottery abroad and you are asked to send your personal information so that you can receive the so-called amount won, do not respond.Just ask yourself - who or what organisation gives away large amounts of money for free? - If you receive a message or letter saying that you have inherited property abroad and especially in Africa, don’t believe it.Whatever the season, Cyprus provides ample opportunity to experience something new, interesting and exciting, including activities, events, customs and places that are unique and special to the island.With so much happening around the island, there is always an event that will interest you.