Dating night clubs

19 Aug

There’s a massive trend brewing in America’s nightlife scene.

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This is mainly in San Jose where you will find the majority of the upscale bars and clubs. The exception is ladies night when a large majority of people go out on their own.

While evaluating such preferences, millennials sound like the ideal group to be regularly enjoying themselves at various nightclubs—or so one would think?

If this is the case, why are nightclubs and entertainment venues alike suffering such massive declines in their numbers?

As South Korea urbanised and industrialised, the hierarchical stratification of society remained, in addition to ancestry one's social position in Korean society now includes the level of one's education, alma mater, profession, which company one works for and one's position and seniority (whether one is a seonbae or hubae) within the company.

Increasingly less so, social interactions would become paralysed unless people were properly introduced and so could determine one's social position with regards one another, fear of behaving inappropriately to one's own position leading to an outright refusal to interact with strangers.