Dating my therapist

12 Jan

It didn’t hurt that I was currently providing psychotherapy to individuals who had committed sexual offenses.Yes, I recognized that working as a female with adolescent males with boundary issues put me in a position to potentially experience encounters and attempts of an inappropriate nature."I was the leading figure in addiction in Wales, and sat on Welsh and national committees," he said.

But often, that "why" isn't enough to help you get past the issue, and there are times when it's not even necessary.

I’ll never forget the day that a friend of mine quoted a professor from my university: “The only way you can screw up as a psychologist is by having sex with your clients. ” Forgive the crass language, but the words and tone used at the time definitely put my nerves at ease.

I was a second-year master’s student in a clinical psychology program and it was one of the first days that I was working at my first-ever clinical externship—a residential treatment facility for adolescent males who had sexual behavior problems.

"This Week You Might Not Have Time to Watch 'Downton Abbey'." When you're feeling depressed, or when events in your life have become overwhelming, just getting to your weekly session and addressing those problems for an hour can feel like a job well done.

Therapy that works, however, demands much more from us, requiring us to sort through emotions and, at times, to do real, live homework during the week. You may be given the assignment to refrain from ruminating on the negative for a few days.