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27 Sep

If you are a non-native teacher of Spanish, French or German, our teacher training courses or ‘re-fresher courses’, will build on your existing teaching knowledge and experience, and are a valuable way to help you develop professionally.Taking place in selected locations in France (French), Spain (Spanish) and Germany (German), these courses are suitable whether you’re completely new to teaching or have many years of experience. ’ Emmanuel Macron waves to supporters with wife Brigitte (C-R) after winning the French Presidential Election, at The Louvre on May 7, 2017 in Paris, France.

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The two met when Macron was only 15 and was the 10th grade pupil of French teacher Brigitte Trogneux. He wasn’’t an ado adolescent,”” Trogneux recalls in the documentary “Emmanuel Macron: The Meteor Strategy”.

Already a fine pianist by the age of 15, Macron was designated to play in the theatre shows directed by Trogneux (back then a married woman and mother of three, one of whom was a classmate of Macron). The relationship between high-schooler Macron and his French teacher would turn romantic one year later, when the future Minister was in grade 11, and Trogneux was 40.