Dating loopylove online

07 Dec

Silvercupid is a dating site that has been created especially for singles over 40, 50 and 60.Offering all mature men and women an exclusive dating service that helps them to follow their dreams and brighten their daily routine, this site is aimed at an audience of males/females aged 40 .They also have a section called Loopy Facts, which is essentially a survey to highlight your personality.

Be Naughty set out to create a fun place to meet, where everybody has the same goals and nobody will take dating too seriously.

Again inspired by developments in the States the opt-in email list of Loopy Lotto was used to drive users to a new, free, online dating site, Loopy Love.

The userbase acquired through lotto emails was soon augmented by successful pay-per-click marketing using the new tools on offer from Google.

Cheaper than some other mainstream dating sites but it lacks many features which other services have.

If you like the look of it then I recommend joining up to see if there is anyone you like in your area.