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What Makes Anthropology a Cross-Disciplinary Discipline? Biological Anthropology In Their Own Words: Anthropology as a Vocation: Listening to Voices Module 1: Anthropology, Science, and Storytelling Scientific and Nonscientific Explanations Some Key Scientific Concepts Chapter 2: Why Is Evolution Important to Anthropologists? Chapter 3: What Can Evolutionary Theory Tell Us about Human Variation? How Many Kinds of Upper Paleolithic/Late Stone Age Cultures Were There? Chapter 7: Why Did Humans Settle Down, Build Cities, and Establish States?

Pre-Darwinian Views of the Natural World Genotype, Phenotype, and the Norm of Reaction In Their Own Words: How Living Organisms Construct Their Environments What Does Evolution Mean? In Their Own Words: Bad Hair Days in the Paleolithic: Modern (Re)Constructions of the Cave Man What Do We Know About the Upper Paleolithic/Late Stone Age? -12,000 Years Ago) What Happened to the Neandertals? In Their Own Words: Women's Art in the Upper Paleolithic?

Chapter 8: Why Is the Concept of Culture Important? In Their Own Words: The Paradox of Ethnocentrism In Their Own Words: Culture and Freedom Culture, History, and Human Agency In Their Own Words: Human-Rights Law and the Demonization of Culture Why Do Cultural Differences Matter? Anthropology in Everyday Life: Language Revitalization Module 4: Components of Language Phonology: Sounds Morphology: Word Structure Syntax: Sentence Structure Semantics: Meaning Chapter 10: How Do We Make Meaning? In Their Own Words: Custom and Confrontation How Are Worldviews Used as Instruments of Power?

But at that time this view was anathema to many, since the majority of people still accepted the concept of special creation. Rather than accept the fossil as the remains of a human ancestor, the distinguished German scientist R.The δO trend has been toward a cooler, glaciated world.However, the amplitude of oscillation also increased beginning around 6 Ma, and became even larger over the past 2.5 Ma. In Their Own Words: The Future of Primate Biodiversity What is Ethnoprimatology? In Their Own Words: Chimpanzee Tourism How do Paleoanthropologists Reconstruct Primate Evolutionary History?The Promise of the Anthropological Perspective Module 3: On Ethnographic Methods A Meeting of Cultural Traditions Single-Sited Fieldwork Multisited Fieldwork Collecting and Interpreting Data The Dialectic of Fieldwork: Interpretation and Translation The Dialectic of Fieldwork: An Example The Effects of Fieldwork The Production of Anthropological Knowledge Anthropological Knowledge as Open-Ended Chapter 9: Why Is Understanding Human Language Important? In Their Own Words: Varieties of African American English What Is Language Ideology? Chapter 11: Why Do Anthropologists Study Economic Relations? In Their Own Words: Reforming the Crow Constitution Anthropology in Everyday Life: Anthropology and Advertising How Are Politics, Gender, and Kinship Related?