Dating hogarth prints

27 Jan

This couple are in a raptures over a teacup held by the woman, and its matching saucer, held by the man.

A passion for collecting porcelain was widely seen as a foible of the wealthy.

The Lewis Walpole Library houses a significant collection of fine and graphic arts.

The prints and drawings make up one of the most important collections of eighteenth-century British visual satire anywhere and it is the largest such collection outside the United Kingdom.

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.” Over seventy years later, George Cruikshank took this image and re-imagined it for contemporary London society.

Usually bound volumes of graphic works are cataloged as a whole, with added name subject entries for artists included in the volume.

The classification scheme for graphic works are local call number and is based on the date of the work.

A most important aspect of this book, found in no other Hogarth edition, is the positioning of the editor's commentary on each plate on a facing page.

With the incredible and sometimes overwhelming amount of detail and action going on in these engravings, this is a most helpful feature.