Dating girls that like ocean corals

09 Nov

Bermuda's new Protected Species Act 2003 became law on 1st March 2004.Endemic animals are shown below by name and description. The new act called for a proactive approach to the protection of local species threatened with extinction, and their habitats.The findings come as part of over two weeks of exploration in the Central Pacific Basin.During the dive, the ROVs also captured footage of remarkable deep sea creatures, including brittle stars, crabs, and corals The expedition kicked off on April 27, in effort to collect new data on the deep-water areas of the Pacific, which largely remain a mystery.At the time of the tests, residents of the islands were moved to other locations, and the site has remained uninhabited beyond a handful of caretakers since.

The blasts, detonated in the years between 19, exposed corals and other species to persistent, high levels of radioactivity.

The study may help researchers better understand how certain DNA can combat genetic diseases, such as cancer.

Scroll down for video The former nuclear test site Bikini Atoll has blooming populations of plants and animal life, teeming with fish such as snapper, sharks and tuna while boasting corals as big as cars.

Deep beneath the ocean’s surface, scientists exploring the Central Pacific Basin have spotted behaviour that’s never been seen before outside of the fossil record.

Among the many remarkable creatures observed during the mission, researchers with the NOAA’s Okeanos Explorer witnessed the moment a snail appeared to be munching on the feces of a ‘sea lily.’Experts say this behaviour can be traced back hundreds of millions of years to the Palaeozoic Era.