Dating games nuch social forces and dating

10 Nov

Start by asking him to teach you how to play, and see if you like it. The next step is to insist on some one-on-one time.Tell him it’s cool if he plays for an hour or so, but then he has to it off.

Believe me, you’re not the first girl who’s had to compete with a handheld device for her man’s affections.Video games can be addictive to a guy, I think, because they combine everything he loves: competition, excitement, fantasy, technology, and total, utter destruction.After a hard day at work, sometimes it’s nice to just veg out in front of the TV and blow up stuff.i OS 9 also sees the introduction of 'Low Power Mode,' a feature that Apple mentioned at its Worldwide Developer's Conference in June.The feature is also found in the Battery part (right) of the Settings menu (left)At its WWDC conference in June, Apple said its updated Health Kit app will let users track how much water they drink, UV exposure, how long they sit still for and their reproductive health, as well as current features.