Dating game of numbers online dating lame

17 Nov

Lotteries aside, I do believe that most things in life are a product of the energy you put into them.With online dating sites numbering in the thousands, however, it’s hard to generalize.Online dating is a safe haven, for men to write as many openers as they have the endurance to send.You don’t have to be an evolutionary theorist to know that men are interested in sex with a variety of women.

When I explained that he was never due, and each lottery draw is a completely fresh set of numbers, I thought he was going to cry.

Online date, speed date, use a matchmaker or consult a dating coach.

The concept is simple – the more dates you go on, the more chances you have of finding a good match.

Myth: You need to constantly put yourself ‘out there’ in order to have a chance of meeting your next partner.

Fact: The average single Aussie goes along to 41 dates each year.