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31 Aug

Neither happened overnight, as both had been in the works for at least a few years, and neither had anything whatsoever to do with the other. Leo Fender and the small company bearing his name seemed oblivious to the increasingly popular musical form even after it broke big in 1955; the company aimed its sleek new Stratocaster guitar squarely at the western swing and dance band guitarists who were already playing Fender’s first and more starkly utilitarian model, the Telecaster.Fender’s assumption at the time was that its stable of cowboy-bedecked guitarists would turn in their Telecasters for the more expressive and comfortable new Stratocaster. Mid-’50s rock ‘n’ roll, for its part, didn’t even feature the electric guitar as its main voice.

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Toward the end of 1959, with the 1960s fast approaching, a bright future for both rock ‘n’ roll and the Stratocaster seemed far from assured.

Both had arrived in the middle of the 1950s at roughly the same time—the Stratocaster in 1954 and rock ‘n’ roll in 1955.