Dating domestic sewing machine

05 Feb

There's no simple answer, for many inventors contributed elements to the finally successful product. It was the first to be widely advertised and mass-marketed. The sewing machine is also noteworthy for the marketing advances used to sell it.For older machines, e Bay is always a good place to look.Helen Howes in Norfolk holds a wide range of parts.

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But it also turned the garment industry into one of harsh conditions, even sweat shops.

The machines are predominantly in working condition and include domestic sewing machines, industrial overlockers, and Singer treadles. She’s a wonderful source of information about all things Jamestown.

Older sewing machines are virtually indestructible and with simple maintenance can continue to give good service almost indefinitely.

A free arm version, model 222k, was produced in Scotland from c.1954 to c.1964.

The London Sewing Machine Museum is certainly what you would call a specialist museum.