Dating dialogue

08 Nov

The two keys to online dialogue are inquisitiveness and humor.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone who doesn’t ask any questions? After I get sick of holding up the conversation single-handedly, I just stop asking questions, and the conversation dies.

Ask them about the things in which they seem to take pride.

Answering those questions will make them feel good about themselves, and they’ll be likely to give full answers, which will facilitate the conversation.

I have Payton and Julian dating, but it never comes up in dialogue other than when he always mentions that he is dating someone. When Kallie was first introduced, there was one time where she said to Payton that she was lucky she was dating him, but that was it.

I had my MC dating Kallie at the time, and when you're doing one of the (current) last ones, I think possibly even Level 99, the whole plot was having Kallie and Connor doing a fake date.

What a woman actually means: I haven’t had anyone cuddle me in a while and I like how you smell, can you just come over and hold me…maybe watch a few rom coms together?

Coming up with good questions can be difficult, especially when you know nothing abouta person.

To get started, you can ask questions about the other person’s profile.

Ask them about the aspects of their profile that most intrigue you and the parts that aren’t fully explained. But try to avoid these, or at least sprinkle them in with other more specific questions.

Don’t be afraid to throw in random questions, e.g.favorite/least favorite holidays, best party trick, memorable vacations, dream car. After you get responses, follow up with more detailed questions that build on the responses.