Dating chicks who fuck dogs

01 Feb

Perhaps obvious douchewanks with hot chicks in tow have vanished like Rollo Tomase chasing Keyser Soze.

It may not be much when dudebros roam the earth with giant beards and youthful communication is primarily done through the semiotics of emojis.

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We all have flaws, but in the case of an ugly chick her main down side is that all of her flaws landed smack-dab on her face.

We all know the pain of dragging “that” girl around.

Ask any girl, and she'll tell you there are unspoken rules about what men can and can't put in a dating profile. But puppy-baiting, the act of luring me in with your 6-month-old pound rescue, is only going to get you a left swipe in my book. I once went on a date with a guy who'd posed with a dog that wasn't even his.

First, he should never include a photo of himself with other women. Besides, we'll always assume you're the least attractive one in the photo and swipe left. But virtually every guy I've ever swiped on because I was into his dog was a huge jerk. When I came over his place and asked him where his pup was, he told me that the pooch belonged to his — wait for it — girlfriend.

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