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12 Oct

This is a shape that has a long history with Caminetto, dating back to the original Ascorti-Radice era.Though other more conventional Oom-Paul shapes have also worn the Caminetto name, this sort with its signature strong taper of bowl, bold heel, and matching line at the bottom-rear of the shank/transition junction is the most distinctly "Caminetto" variation, as well as the one that dates back the farthest.

This became both the marketing line and the famous stem nomenclature of Caminetto pipes. Suspendisse at risus sed libero efficitur ultricies.Every once in a while, events conspire to create something great. Two accomplished pipe carvers, Peppino Ascorti and Luigi Radice, decided to leave Castello and strike out on their own.This did manage to cut down on the number of visits I made, and the collection continued to build. I studied the pipes therein, trying to learn as much as I could about every aspect- from the basics of condition to the quality of materials used (sheet or rod vulcanite as opposed to injection- molded mouthpieces for example) to such abstracts as to why various grain patterns or sandblast patterns emerged.I also bought a buffing machine, not having the patience to hand-restore a vulcanite mouthpiece. All (but a few) being used pipes I wanted to determine if one or another of the various brands smoked better (to my taste) or if the flavor was determined by the person who broke the pipe in.