Dating buck 119 hunting knife safedatingforboysandgirls com

30 Sep

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The blade, like with the bulk of Buck knives, is hollow ground (very nicely) with no noticeable imperfections. The blade is just shy of 3/16 inches thick, which is definitely on the meatier side of things.It’s sad that I even have to remark on this, but only this week I picked up a Boker War Toad for Elise (interesting knife, by the way) that had machining flaws that you wouldn’t see on a knife. Personally, I am happy with 1/8th inch thick blades (or thinner when it comes to Moras), but this is definitely a more heavy duty knife.It’s a sad state of affairs when a properly made knife becomes an advertising point. It’s not a chopper, and it’s not a slicer, but rather, something in between. I will mention however that Les Stroud (Canadian survivalist extraordinaire) actually grinds down the tip of his Buck 119 to make it less pointy.The hand rubbed finish brings out the beauty of the oak handle. Nickel Silver bolsters and Solid Brass liner and Solid Brass pins.With it's exceptional good looks and distinctive Case Badge Shield, this knife can be your Sunday dress knife or your everyday carry knife. Scrolled Bolsters on top and bottom on the front and on the back. You can view the gift box by going to item #226267. We can engrave on the oak handle of this knife on the shield (mark) side.