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22 Oct

he made me laugh, and he cooked and cleaned and that's all great, right?

for three years prior to that, i was in (what i considered to be, at the time) a pretty good relationship. ’ ‘It had been going on for two years and it was at that point where, if it wasn’t going to be forever, then…’ ‘You had to end it.’ ‘Yeah. I didn’t feel we were on the same wavelength and I need that.’ ‘Mmm.’ ‘But it was very hard, ending it.’ ‘It is very hard. Being a typical girl, I will openly admit that I have had a shameless scroll on Facebook; whether it’s looking at a prospective date, searching for that old school crush or (perhaps the worst of them all) looking at the profile of someone I used to date.The world’s leading pleasure brand, LELO, today released the results of a global survey into people’s orgasmic habits in anticipation of National Orgasm Day, on July 31st.More than 2,200 respondents from 21 different countries… A 20 something blonde-haired, blue-eyed city girl who can't seem to stop talking about sex and relationships.