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03 Feb

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And that makes you wonder if Brodney Mc Clinton knew more about Robert Sepulveda Jr.'s "cagey" background than other contestants – or even Logo – thanks to them both living in Atlanta. Earlier in the episode, Mc Clinton tells one of the other suitors that he regularly sees Sepulveda in the gym back in Atlanta – likely LA Fitness in Ansley Mall."On paper Brodney is a perfect match," Sepulveda said on the show ahead of a poolside chat with Mc Clinton. So Sepulveda – given the choice of offering the last remaining slot to Mc Clinton or Paul Hollowell – goes with Hollowell and sends Mc Clinton back to Atlanta.But not before Mc Clinton throws a little side-eye at Hollowell – one of the funnier moments of the episode.(Watch above) Mc Clinton and Sepulveda hug as "Prince Charming" quips, "See you in Atlanta." Won't that be fun.By Friday, Mc Clinton was taking the rejection in stride.